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Supercharge Your Sports Performance and Improve Your Winning Chances

Sports Improvement Training for Peak Performance - Become a sporting champion in every way

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Sports Improvement Training for Peak Performance
It is impossible to be nervous or tense in any part of the body where the muscles are completely relaxed. Tension and nervousness create negative arousal that serves to induce unforced errors, whilst calmness and focus allow the mind to get on with the job in hand.

Believing passionately that you are the best you can be, is the way for the mind to self-activate and energize the body, for improved timing and accuracy.

This applies to any major sporting activity like rugby, football, golf, running and racing, right down to monopoly and chess. With the right mindset, you are already way in front of your opponent, because however good they are from practice, they are only as good as their psyche and ego allow them to be on the day.

Sporting excellence begins with the mind
There is nothing more important to success in sport than MOTIVATION. It's about who wants it more. It's about who is willing to pay the price to be the very best they can be.

How do we know? Because the guy with the biggest muscles doesn't always lift the heaviest weights. Because the runner with the best backup doesn't always win. Because the boxer with the longest reach doesn't always make the knockout, and the seeded tennis player who is having a bad day, just served his 10th double fault.

Motivation comes in many forms. We each have an internal force that drives our needs; the need to feel worthy, to have self-esteem, to feel competent, to have certainty, to feel loved and successful. Or we use external satisfaction to create a cloak of protection around us; fame, money, adoration.

Interestingly, athletes that look toward fulfilling their internal needs tend to fare better than those who try to do this externally.

A lack of self-confidence will have a negative effect on how well an athlete performs, in training and in competition. But what's the other thing that has a massive negative impact on your sporting achievement? The answer is your negative self-talk.

Thoughts that come into an athlete's mind can be either positive or negative. Sometimes, even during competition, itís hard to stop the negative self-talk because, you wonder what you're doing here playing at this level, by asking stupid questions at inappropriate moments, like, what if I miss? You may even feel you deserve to be punished.

How many athletes have rituals they must do before a game? Many of us watchers of sport (as opposed to performers) regard some of these rituals as ridiculous, but to the athlete they are the life and death of a performance.

One thing to recognize is that negative self-talk goes on all the time without your controlling or guiding it in any way. What do you suppose will be the effect of talking to yourself in a negative way for so long? That's right. You will eventually believe it!

We can all react angrily when we realize how we punish ourselves with negative self-talk, but this rarely creates a solution. Instead you need to learn to replace the judgemental talk with encouraging suggestions, and to allow yourself to make mistakes, but then to learn by them. Regular use of this CD will help you do both.

Keep a positive mental attitude.
In these times of intense competition, losing is easy. Winning is the hardest thing you can do. Nobody ever enters a competition hoping you will beat them. So, give yourself the best chance you can by engaging the power of your mind with the strength of your body and make both work toward the same goals. The CD will give you those winning chances and the credit you deserve.

Use the power of your mind to help you manifest your dreams.
Use pre-practice visualization where you imagine yourself doing your sport. Visualization is not simply about dreaming yourself to improvement. During visualization, you are creating new neural pathways in your brain and strengthening existing, positive patterns.

The difference between 1st and 2nd. In some sports like tennis, you need two points more than your opponent to win a game or a set, but most of the time, like in running, racing, shooting, jumping, or throwing, the difference between 1st and 2nd can be a nose, or even a fingernail. Millimeters or microseconds can seperate who comes first and who is forgotten.

This means that in a physical sense, you can be equal in every respect to the athlete next to you at the starting line. All your training, your diet, the hours spent in the gym, have all been replicated by all the other athletes that are stood alongside you.

No wonder so many athletes are using mental rehearsal, visualization, meditation, energizing, self-talk, positive thinking and reframing to get the edge over their opponent and take their game to the next level.

Mental imagery works by pattern matching in the brain.
When you imagine yourself performing at your best, you are creating neural pathways in the brain, little photons of light that come from the energy of the thoughts in your mind. When you think of your mum, or your children, you can get a clear image of them in your mind.

They're not really there in your mind, your mum may be out shopping and your children at school, but you can still see them with you in your head. Your thoughts have created that image from the energy in your mind. That's why you can see yourself holding their hand or pushing them on a swing. You are accessing visual, auditory, tactile, emotional and kinesthetic cues already available in your brain as patterns from previous experience.

In the same way, your mind can create memories of you performing at your best that seem just as real. So real in fact, that when you come to perform the action subsequently, it's as if you have succeeded in doing it already, your muscles are primed and the action taken as if well rehearsed in real life.

Mental rehearsal has been shown for decades to be of value when trying to improve your sports performance at any level, from the junior athlete to the elite professional athlete, and everyone in between. Keeping a positive attitude takes time and effort.

In these times of intense competition, losing is easy. Winning is the hardest thing you can do. Give yourself the best chance you can by engaging the power of your mind with the strength of your body and make both work toward the same goals. This CD is designed to help give you those winning chances and the credit you deserve.

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