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The Sinus Tapping & Lymph Drainage Technique

Sinus Tapping DVD - Learn the Sinus Congestion Tapping Solution

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Try this 1 minute self help treatment plan. The only natural way to treat sinus pain!
Millions of people suffer from the pain of 'sinus headache' every day. If you are one of those people who are now nodding in agreement and sympathy because you are a fellow sufferer, then you've come to the right place.

Most people will recognize sinus pain as a deep prolonged, blinding pain in the forehead, behind and just above the eyes, with often a greater or lesser degree of upper nasal involvement, which also then includes eye pain.

Clearly, sinusitis is not much fun and is one of the top conditions for which people visit their GP, right alongside, colds, flu, back pain, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, depression, skin conditions and respiratory diseases.

An Amazing Healing System - Available Instantly!

Learning this simple technique will reveal how you can receive FAST, almost instant, relief from your sinus congestion. Purchase your own DVD today to discover how this simple one minute procedure can bring instant and lasting relief from sinus congestion, headaches and facial pain.

Order your copy today and start seeing immediately the benefits of learning this simple technique for yourself. Nothing could be easier and so beneficial to sufferers.

This self help system uses no pills or chemicals and is completely natural and safe. Just 1 minute per treatment is all that is needed.

Are you being tortured by your sinuses?

Are you taking back-to-back antibiotics?

Do you get rid of a headache one minute, only for it to be replaced by another?

Find relief as soon as today by using this simple yet very powerful, step-by-step 1 minute technique. Wouldn't that be great? The natural way to find relief from these painful conditions.

Q.) I've had chronic sinusitis for 20 years will your technique help me?
Yes and no. It won't help you recover the last 20 years, but it may mean that the next 20 is not so painful and uncomfortble as you have been in the past. The question, I think, is really saying, I've tried everything I can think of, and my doctor has given me, and nothing has worked. So convince me this is different.

In reality, you're not treating 20 years worth of sinusitis, even though the mind and body sees it that way, you're only treating the latest episode. So stop talking yourself out of a cure and make the decision to take action - NOW!

Q.) I have constant headaches; won't the tapping make it worse?
Not normally. Sinus headaches are the result of compression and possible infection. Tapping starts to shift blockages and allows any pressure building mucus to drain away.

Q.) Does this tapping thing really work?
Of course it does! How do you get the last drop out of a sauce bottle? You tap the base, and if it's loose enough you catapult sauce all over your chips. If it's clinging to the sides you notice it runs faster. Either way the bottle gradually empties. Same thing with your sinuses.

Q.) Can children use the Sinus Tapping Technique?
Yes, the technique is perfectly safe for children to use too! Many of the testimonials I receive are from parents who are using the technique on their children, and having fantastic results with it. You can tap on your children, or you can teach them to tap on themselves, either way is both safe and effective.

Q.) What are the sinuses?
The sinuses are small cavities in the skull that are normally filled with air. They produce mucus, which helps keep the nasal passages clear of allergens and pollutants.

Q.) What is Sinusitis?
Sinusitis is the result of an inflammation of the tissue that lines these cavities, or infection to one or more of the sinus cavities in the cheek, nose, eye or forehead areas. Our sinuses are small, air filled cavities of bone located in the skull and this swelling blocks off the sinuses, trapping mucus and air inside them. This can cause pain and pressure; sometimes, it can lead to bacterial infection. Sinusitis has become one of the most common health conditions affecting millions of people annually.

A final note: Often, the best sinusitis treatment is a combination of different approaches tried over time - typically medication combined with self-care which involves using The Sinus Tapping and Lymph Drainage Technique on a regular basis.

Many people write to tell me that after using the instructions on the DVD, they no longer need to use their medications. Even if you manage to cut your meds by 50%, I still think it's worth doing the tapping and lymph exercise on the DVD. All the best,

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