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In Conversation Series - Anonymous Help for Internet Pornography Addiction

Understanding, Coping With & Eliminating Internet Pornography Addiction & Sex Addiction

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Are you struggling to give up pornography and feel thoroughly rotten when you give in? Are you ripping your marriage to shreds? Has your partner given up on you? Have they threatened to divorce you or throw you out of the house? Looking at porn makes you feel withdrawn, isolated and depressed, and, at risk of being caught.

If you think you are addicted to pornography, because you find it very difficult to stop looking, or taking part, you are only this far [-] from being caught. And when that happens, you stand the risk of utterly destroying the lives of the very people you love the most. Ironic isn't it?

For a few moments of pleasure, you are willing to put at risk everything you have worked for, probably for years, and what you risk is losing the lot. And, for something that isn't even real! Now that IS stupid!

Some visitors to The Haven Healing Centre have had a nearly life long battle with an addiction to pornography. Their lives have been turned upside-down. They feel flawed, ashamed, guilty, empty and emotionally detatched from their partners.

They often have erectile dysfunction with their wives and can only 'make it' with pornographic pictures, movies or webcams. They've gone beyond the entertaining, erotic, exciting aspects of porn, into the dark side, where they are having far less fun.

There is no doubt that internet porn ruins lives!
It destroys families, it ruins relationships, it alienates your friends and family who think you're weird. You eventually think you're weird! It corrupts the mind and generates huge amounts of emotional pain.

Once you pay attention to your body instead of what is going into your head, pornography eventually produces feelings and expressions of guilt, shame, sadness, depression, rage, hatred (usually of self), disgust, disappointment, remorse, contempt (again, usually for self), anxiety, embarrassment, emptiness and many other feelings.

The fact is that pornography can bring a few seconds of pleasure. It can be educational (in a technique kind of way) and fulfilling. That's how, and sometimes why, it becomes a problem in the first place. Porn as a pleasure becomes the lie that we buy into. We become the victim.

In the end, the list above of emotional 'outage' becomes the dominant feature. All you are left with is the knowledge that you have become addicted to porn and then the pleasure stops. That's when most people think about finding help.

But I feel really exposed about talking about this.
Exactly! The first appointment is always the worst. Some will feel embarrassed, some ashamed. Most will worry about what I think of them.

Two things: I am not here to judge you, I'm not going to judge you (you're probably already doing that yourself). My role is to support you, to find ways of healing this addiction and help you put your life back on track. I welcome you all to work your way through this addiction and find personal stability on the other side.

I'm a bit worried about what people are going to think of me.
Yes, I know! This is a very natural response. But, why are you coming for treatment? If you're coming BEFORE anybody finds out, well then I'm here to help and support you through that process.

Please don't be alarmed by the colourized version of the CD's and packaging. The delivered version is in plain packaging. But that would be boring to show it here, wouldn't it?

Don't forget, nothing you can say is going to shock me; I've heard it already. I can help you! I am already helping fellow sufferers. They are coming to Cheddar from all across southern England and Wales. You don't have to deal with this alone. There is help available.

If you're coming to save your marriage or relationship, well people know already and have already decided what they think of you. This process of treatment and therapy will give you hope and give those around you a reason to be proud of you.

Porn addiction can have an incredibly destructive influence on a persons life; often the damage is done long before anyone realizes there is a problem. Relationships, marriages and friendships can be torn apart in an instant of discovery, while millions of others struggle with their porn addiction for years in secret, often at the expense of their families, their jobs, their social life and their own physical health.

Porn addicts suffer from low self-esteem, fear of discovery, and can spend hours locked in a fantasy world of their own making. It is one of the most difficult addictions to overcome, especially when you feel you are on your own and there is nobody to turn to. That's where this 2 CD set is designed to help you. By providing the tools and ideas you need to overcome your addiction and escape those feelings of isolation, secrecy and dependence on pornography.

Listen to 'In Conversation with Philip Chave', and learn how to leave porn addiction behind you.

Use the computer - don't abuse the computer.
If you are already hooked on internet porn, or addicted to surfing the web for sex, don't waste another day....... The sooner you start, the faster you will make a difference. Order your copy today!

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