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Did you go to King Alfred School, Highbridge around 1973 or 1974?

If you did, we may have known each other, or even been in the same class.

Would you like to get in touch? . Thank you. Phil

Firstly, I set about writing down all the names I could remember that were in the same class as me, and was surprised to realize how many I could remember after all this time. But as we were all larger class sizes back then, I'm sure I will have forgotten one or two. I'm sorry about that, but I would be more than happy for you to remind me.

Here is the list of those I remember. Can you fill in the blanks?

In no particular order, as I just had a mental picture of going round the chemistry room halfway down the long hall, and then the library just on the left inside the main entrance, to help me visualize all the faces, and even where we all sat. Funny how the mind can do that. I can't remember what I had for breakfast, but I can remember that. Or, maybe I just created the images and think it was a memory. Not sure.

Boys:       Jeremy Hawkins       Steve Newbon       Philip New       Christopher Moore       Ian Smeaton       Paul Stamps       Paul Wynn       Michael Wynn       Raymond Kierle       Graham Dumbavan.

Girls:       Caroline Dawkins       Susan Hicks       Cherilyn Cox       Sharon Haggett       Linda Mitchell       Wendy Gas       Kim Kaminski       Deborah Looney       Yasmin Wookey       Lindsey Timms       Jacqueline Close       Carol Hoskins       Belinda Lewis.

Not in our class:       John Jarvis       Sharon Patrick. I'll add to this list as the brain fog clears.

Heavens above! I hope I spelt those right. Please forgive me if there are any errors, and correct me. Sadly, I know we have lost a few. Mark Wills and Kim Blackmore. Don't know of any others as of yet.

I think I may have found Ian Smeaton and Paul Wynn on Facebook, so could get in touch with them. I did have an email for Jeremy Hawkins, but lost it when an old computer fried. Susan Hick's sister married my brother, so shouldn't be too difficult to find.

Update: Shows how little things trigger a memory. I was relaxing at home and listening to Spotify when Neil Diamond came on singing Solitary Man. One of the lines was 'Melinda was mine.......', and I mistook that for Belinda, which reminded me I had missed her name off the list; Belinda Lewis, must remember to add her later. Sorry Belinda, hope you are well.

Kind Alfred School, Highbridge, Somerset       Kind Alfred School, Highbridge, Somerset

Teachers I can remember (good and bad (memories I mean, not their teaching ability))

Mr Strickland (science)       Mrs Vera Bacon (maths)       Mr Henry       Mr Edge       Mr Mike Hurran       Miss Sealy       Miss Morrish (physics)       Mr Bill Maddy (history)       Mr Brian Phippin       Mr Higgins (english?)       Mr Curry (French teacher, who I have bumped into at the supermarket in Bridgwater on many occasions)       Mrs Happy Storey (taught me cello)       Miss Davis (geography - why did we call her Jiffy? seems so unfair now)       Miss Waverley (geography).

Interestingly, I have mixed emotions about remembering this list, which is far from complete. Perhaps you can remember more and let me know?

Could I just perhaps give you one example? I absolutely loved Physics, and still do.
Miss Morrish was the physics teacher and fencing coach for KAS around the time of our residency. For some reason we just didn't get on and I spent more time out at a desk in the corridor than I ever spent inside the classroom. The head was always asking what I'd done wrong this time, and I would just shrug, because most of the time I didn't have a clue and neither did he.
Now, it came to the exams and I came second in the whole class.
My report read; 'Philip does not deserve this exam result. He does no work in my class and I cannot entertain how he would achieve such a high mark without cheating'. I still have this report! Or rather, my mum does. Now, bearing in mind that I didn't spend much time in her class, and worked on my own in the corridor, probably says more about my own interest in the subject than her ability to teach.

Bill Maddy (lovely man but he hated us calling him that!), threw a board rubber at me for doing homework he'd set before I left the class. It missed me by fractions of an inch. Which would be millimetres nowadays. But bollocks, I still use imperial and no Europe hugging banshee is going to tell me I can't!

I'm sure you've got a thousand stories and I'd love to hear some of them.

Thanks for coming down memory lane with me. I hope we may be able to meet up one day soon.
Phil Chave x

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