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The Healing Garden Meditation - Relax in a Garden of Your Own Creation

Create and experience the perfect healing space for your mind, body and spirit

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In the physical world, gardens are often regarded as some of the most healing places you can possibly visit. They have been used throughout history to aid in the healing of mind, body and spirit, rather than just treating symptoms. Thus they are beneficial in the reduction of stress, anxiety and are an aid to relaxation and physical healing.

You don't have to visit the National Trust to experience the pleasure of a beautiful garden. Millions of us lucky enough to have a garden, are really proud of them and justifiably so. They can be the basis of this Healing Garden Meditation if you wish.

The therapeutic use of gardens includes stress recovery, alleviating negative emotions, reinforcing positive ones, deep relaxation and the profound healing effects of virtually any condition, plus aftercare following surgery. We all have a vision of our ideal healing garden and this meditation will help you to create it and use it for your greater good.

The Healing Garden Meditation is about 35 minutes long, with the music going on for another 25 minutes at the end. You can use that time to drift off to a restful sleep, to continue with your own healing, to contemplate what you have just done, or just to relax for a few minutes in a wonderful place, both mentally and physically, before getting up and continuing with your day.

The choice is yours, but there are many good reasons to remain in 'the zone' as it were, for those last few minutes.

I have waited so long to do this meditation. It's been on the back burner for some time. But I wanted it to be the absolute best I could do and rushing it was going to be all wrong. Then I had a few health issues of my own. I was not in a good place with physical issues bringing me down and mental issues keeping me there. I could not see a way out.

So I just walked myself through the healing garden, picturing what I wanted to see in it, relaxing in its beauty and tranquility. After walking beside some water and across a bridge, symbolizing change and something new, I found myself tapping into the power and majestic strength of the plants and trees around me. Then I found I could connect to the earth energies and exchange good energies for the bad ones I felt inside.

By remaining here for some time and soaking up the good energies, I found that coming back to reality, I would have a little more spring in my step, I would feel happier, with myself and the situation around me, including the people I had to engage with. I had more energy, felt healthier and better in my body and mind.

The one thing that repeatedly came to mind was this: 'Can it really be that simple?'

I've been a therapist and healer for many years, and instinctively the answer kept coming back; 'Yes, it really is that easy!' Why should it be hard? Why should it be long-winded and difficult? Every disease is not a deficiency of some drug, but we seem to want to throw drugs at every complaint, don't we? And even if there is some drug imbalance somewhere, the body is capable of manufacturing any drug that it needs.

It is during times of quiet contemplation and relaxation, such as when we are engaged in meditation, that the body is able to focus internally on its own needs. Our immune system, which is constantly looking out for invaders and threat when we are interacting with the world, can now focus on what's sneaked past its defences. We can highlight areas of dysfunction and pain and allow the mind time to focus on healing from within.

This is when the body has time to say, hang on a minute, I need some fluid here, some pain relief over there, a hormone in this area and some extra oxygen in this muscle, or some bone repair down there. The rest of the time we are so rushed off our feet that there is little time for this kind of analysis and repair. So we wait until there is a crisis, or an illness, or some damage that forces us to take time out.

Gardens have been used throughout history to aid in the healing of the mind, body and spirit. Most hospitals, retirement homes, convalescent homes, nursing homes, healing sanctuaries, zen gardens, even your local doctors surgery, tries to use planted spaces to bring peace, tranquility and relaxation to the patients.

What do we do when we want to remember somebody? We build a garden in their memory, plant a tree, or buy a seat in a beautiful spot.

Thus we are all drawn to space that is full of vibrancy, colour, energy and is rich with living plants, animals and people. In this way they are beneficial to us in the form of stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and are an aid to relaxation and physical healing.

We all have a vision of our ideal healing garden and this meditation will help you to create it and use it for your greater good.

Don't wait until there is a crisis or an illness to heal yourself. Start ahead of time, when you are well. By setting aside a little time now and again to allow our bodies to direct healing internally, we may be able to put off the crisis point, and perhaps even eliminate it altogether. Doesn't that sound like a better plan? If so, please give The Healing Garden Meditation a try and then let me know what you think. Thank you, phil.

The Healing Garden Meditation is written and read by Philip Chave

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