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A series of self help products designed to support your health and wellbeing.
Enjoy the benefits of improved balance through self awareness, attention and intention.
Are you looking for answers to common problems? Find out which is right for you.


Self-help treatments and meditations from The Haven Healing Centre's Home Therapist Series

Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to some questions about and some of our products.

Where do you get your ideas from?
Most of the time the ideas develop from people who come to The Haven for treatments, and if it occurs to me that you don't need any special training to perform the techniques used to fix the problem, then maybe I can prepare something that anyone can use at home. Of course, this requires some committment on the part of the user, but I try to make certain that my explanation of the procedure is thorough and this ensures accuracy for the user, and benefits for the patient.

Occasionally, the idea is slightly closer to home. For example, my son Jordan is very tall and had severe growing pains for much of his youth. When he was young I devised a treatment plan that included massage and some pre-bedtime exercises that he could do to prevent the pains in his legs. This was very successful, and it occurred to me that hundreds of thousands of parents are sitting by their children's bedside wondering what to do about their distress.

It seemed obvious that if I could do it, so could they, and Jordan and I set about making a dvd of the procedure for parents to learn for themselves. Then we thought, it's all very well treating the growing pains, but these chldren are awake and parents need them to go to sleep, so the childrens sleep meditation was created to complement the growing pains dvd.

My wife Jill developed plantar fasciitis, first in one foot, then in the other. I just had to do something to help her, so I devised a treatment routine that she stuck too every day, and within a very short time, she was getting results, the foot pain was receding and she could walk easily. This was so rapid and seemed to defy convention, and we filmed all the exercises and treatments she followed, so that you can get the same result, in the shortest time. Once you have plantar fasciitis or severe foot pain, you will understand the urgency.

Many patients at The Haven had conditions that needs surgery, and many of them were petrified of going into hospital. When you go into surgery with a negative approach, or in a highly anxious state, then the amount of anaesthetic needed to keep you under is considerably higher than if you go in, in a relaxed and hopeful state.

This has been shown to be true in several studies done at hospitals and by one of the major complementary disciplines. Thus was born the 'Pre-Operation and Surgery Anxiety CD'.

I hope that answers the question, which I guess, if you want the short version, is to respond to need.

Are your DVD's and CD's freepost?
Yes, the cost quoted is the actual cost, with no hidden extras, and includes the postage and packing. This is also true for international sales to anywhere in the world.

Do the DVD's and CD's come with instructions?
Yes, those that need them, have detailed instructions and pictures. Mostly, the dvd's are in a watch and learn format, whilst the meditation cd's need you to sit in a chair, or lie down, and be prepared to be transported to somewhere peaceful and spiritual, so that you can access your healing potential.

Are your MP3's instant download? When do I get my download instructions?
Yes, once you have paid you are automatically redirected to the download area. The download page gives you the username and password to the files you have ordered, so you can simply 'right click' and 'save as', 'save target as, or 'save link as', to anywhere on your computer.

What other ways can I pay?
Sometimes Paypal is not everyone's first choice, and that's fine. Anyone who wants to can send a cheque made out to 'Philip Chave', drawn on a bank that is in UK pounds. Post it to: The Haven Healing Centre, Draycott Rd, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3RU. Please expect a short delay while your cheque clears, but sometimes I don't bother to wait.

If you have the facility to pay online through the BAC's system, then if you email me, I'll send you the account number and sort code. All you need to do is use your name as the reference and email me with your choice of product, the format and where to send it. It'll be with you in next to no time.

Do you have any other websites so I can go and have a look at your work?
Yes, several. Mostly they are related to the work I do at The Haven, or the CD's and DVD's I've made, and promote. Here are some links to other sites you may be interested in: The Haven site is where I detail all the treatments that are on offer at the practice. Also there are lots of articles about different health issues that may help you find the answers to your questions. The Distant Healer site is where I started my spiritual journey, but with a physical slant. I was hard to convince, but now energy, spirit, healing, and physical therapy all flow together as one, and truely are as close to a holistic approach as is possible to achieve. Body, mind, soul, emotion and spirit; that's the key to it all really. The more I move along this path, the more I understand that. This is the site that talks about the growing pains video and the childrens relaxing sleep meditation. This is one of my favourite techniques because of the profound results that it can achieve in a relatively short time. I used it in practice for nearly 4 years before thinking of bringing it to a greater audience on CD. The idea that we are tied to the past by cords of attachment is the reason our past is so persistent in our lives, and the people that have influenced us, have created what we call the 'writing on our walls'.

This is the place we go for our beliefs, references and pattern matches, that help us make our learned choices. But what do you do when those choices, your past in other words, gets in the way of your progress, makes you sad, brings up painful memories, or denies you the opportunity to make better choices, more relevant to our now? Well, visit the website to learn more about leaving memories that hold you back now, or painful memories, behind. You know when you always feel better after you've had a good laugh? Well, I took this a stage further and created a relaxing meditation whereby you open the chakras and use laughter to energize them. This site is here to promote that idea, and has become a remarkably good seller. Perhaps there is some truth that we all know instinctively, that laughter is the best medicine. As the site explains, a powerful treatment program for a condition that seems to defy treatment by any other means. Plantar fasciitis is surprising persistent and a bloody nuisance when you have to get up, take the kids to school, go to work, and do your housework, with painful feet that you can hardly walk on. Well, I hate to make such bold claims, but given repeated use, this treatment really is the 5 minute solution, or even salvation. During my time in treating backpain in pregnancy using Spinal Touch, I have seen many women who carry an extra issue, that of Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), now called PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain). Well by marrying several of my bodywork therapies together, I created a specific treatment for this condition that is highly effective and easy to learn. Now, people come to The Haven from all over the UK for husbands and partners to learn this treatment so that their long suffering wives can find some relief from the pain of PGP. I thought the treatment worthy of a site of it's own, so here it is. This CD came about following some effective use of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on the problem of stammering and stuttering. This is designed to reduce the anxiety surrounding stammering and also rewrite the programming that drives it. This site is designed to help with insomnia and sleep problems. The CD available from this is site is very popular with people who suffer with insomnia and sleep deprivation. It contains a gentle, relaxing meditation to help you change your reasons for staying awake despite everything seemingly trying to keep you alert and paying attention. Sometimes taking normal exercise like everyone else just isn't possible. Either you are in too much pain, you have restricted movement in joints and muscles, or you have a reason for having to isolate and not mix with others. If this is true for you, you may find that Exercise in a Chair is just the ticket. You can't help being restricted in certain movements, but where you can, it is important to keep everything else moving as much as possible to stay fit and healthy. Please go to the Exercise in a Chair website for more information. Everyone who knows me, knows I am mad about aloe vera. The miracles that I see using aloe juice and gel are almost a proverb. I grow them in large greenhouses and sell them online for people to grow at home. All sizes are available, small, medium and large, plus vacuum sealed leaves and aloe rooting gel liquid. There is lots of information on the AloePlants website about how to use it, when to use it and how to grow it in your own home.

There are others, but not so much related to this kind of work and so perhaps not so relevant here.

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