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Exercise in a Chair and the Office Desk Workout - for Home or Work

Rapid recovery from joint stiffness, pain and immobility - Because movement matters

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Exercise in a Chair CD
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A gentle exercise program to bring you health and wellness
The percentage of the population aged 55 and over is steadily increasing, while the collective health of that population is on the decline. More and more information is available now talking about the health benefits of regular exercise by seniors and the role exercise plays in maintaining a high quality of life with advancing years.

Why do I need this Exercise in a Chair CD?
Whilst not true for all, many must resign themselves to a life-style of inactivity and deteriorating health. The eyesight gets worse, risking accidents, so people become wary about walking, or doing other chores.

Joints and bones become painful through degeneration. Illness or injury causes serious long-term reductions in mobility, flexibility and physical function, as pain often diminishes the enthusiasm for large scale movements.

The result is an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, and muscle and joint dysfunction.

What are the benefits to me of a program like this?
Even at the gentle pace of the Exercise in a Chair program, you will see an increase in respiratory function, reduced resting blood pressure, increased reaction and movement times, increased strength, stamina, and endurance, improvements in joint flexibility and bone density.

Greater balance and mobility help to reduce falls and fractures, while regular exercise has been shown to decrease stress, anxiety and depression.

Movement matters
The loss of our health and productivity, and the loss of our independence over time need not be inevitable. It is our willingness to hand over responsibility for our healthcare that is the major culprit, when an enthusiastic move toward a healthy life-style is the best way to prevent that decline.

In fact, there is now a flood of research evidence that shows the positive effect exercise has on improving and maintaining our health.

So it's never too late to make a difference, and this is where the Exercise in a Chair program comes in. This 20 minute daily practice of exercising every muscle in your body, every joint and every limb in your body, is designed to keep you subtle when you feel stiff, to keep you flexible when you feel solid, to keep you mobile when it becomes difficult to walk, to keep you painfree when standing still causes you to become locked in one position.

So is this only any good for seniors?
Heavens No! Who else can you think of who sits in one place for far too long every day? Your average office employee spends a large part of their day in front of the monitor, checking emails, preparing for meetings, writing documents and generally studying spread sheets. Either that or they are typing with one hand and answering the phone with the other.

This population is setting themselves up for a sedentary life-style with all the associated health problems that come from not moving enough. And yes, it would be better for these workers to run around the block and break into a sweat doing it, but not everyone wants, enjoys or even can do that.

But what they can do is put the mp3 version of the Exercise in a Chair program on their desktop, and do the exercises every day, to loosen up all their limbs and joints BEFORE going for a walk or a run, thus minimizing any risk for injury.

Chained to a desk for a large part of the day causes acidity and conglutination to build up in the joints and muscles, and it is this that causes pain and injury when you then try to do vigorous exercise, as the blood has to flush all that stagnation away and cleanse it in the blood, before you actually do any good with exercise.

Don't worry about becoming 'super-fit'. You hear that many people subscribe to the 'no pain, no gain' theory. This is what puts most people off, because it can often result in injury and the conclusion that exercise is bad or always results in damage.

The Exercise in a Chair program is gentle and low-impact and is the perfect way to start back on the road to recovery, by focusing on improvement of flexibility, strength, range of motion, coordination, mobility and balance.

Will this keep me subtle and flexible long-term?
Provided you do it on a regular basis, yes. You start off slow and follow along very low impact. Get the blood flowing through the joints and limbs and organs. Now as you see the benefits of that, because quite quickly you will find you have more stamina, greater flexibility and less pain. You can then make greater and more exaggerated movements that step up the demands of your body, but still within the time frame and safety of the original concept.

What if I want to do more?
The whole point of the Exercise in a Chair program is to bring you to a position where you want to do more. Where you make so much improvement in your health that you are just aching to get out and do more, but safe in the knowledge that you have built up to this position in a safe, effective and structured way. And good on you for that!

So what exactly is on the CD?
There are 3 tracks on the CD, each of 23 minutes duration. Each track consists of me talking you through the exercises in real time. Each exercise is perfectly timed to give you the opportunity to take part and copy the exercise, with no time lag, so that the whole thing is ongoing and progressive and you are not playing catchup or having to pause the track to do the exercise.

The different tracks consist of the same exercises and only the music changes for each track, to ensure variety.

If you use the same track for a while and then fancy a change, just switch to the next track, which will renew your enthusiasm and committment, but keep the continuity of exercises going. All you have to do is play the CD or MP3 and then join in the exercises.

There is no doubt that our modern way of life is making us increasingly inactive, and that inactivity is accelerating all our chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, stress, anxiety, depression and even certain cancers.

But the purpose of my Exercise in a Chair program, is not to dwell on all the negative, but to show you that positive change, even starting with small positive change, is beneficial to health and recovery.

You see, it is possible, even likely, that you became inactive due to ill-health, an accident, gradual decline, age or even depression. Whatever the reason, it is true, isn't it, that the less exercise you do, the less you want to do?

We all know inactivity creates serious health problems long-term and that OUR BODIES WERE DESIGNED TO MOVE, not sit in a lounger all day. But so many of us just don't have a clue where to start reversing that trend. This is why people join a gym, go mad, hurt themselves, conclude that exercise is not for them and quit.

Increasing our committment to exercise, weight loss and health, has exploded in popularity in recent years. Not a day goes by without some 'expert' on TV or the radio giving us ever more reasons to exercise our little socks off to avoid the worst kinds of disease and death.

But what does it mean to be more active?
To many the thought fills them with dread. Is it going to hurt? When will I find the time? How long before I see results? Yes, becoming more active involves moving more, but here's one thing that's true. The minute you start your health risks go down.

Everyone can benefit, whatever your age, limits, size or physical condition. Moving more is NOT training for a marathon. Simple, gentle chair exercises to start you off, improve circulation and keep your joints and muscles supple. Gradually you will improve your general fitness, reduce stiffness and pain in joints, even inflammation brought on by inactivity, and help to relieve stress.

There are many more benefits to getting started with the Exercise in a Chair program, but you will encounter these in your own time. Gentle effective exercises will help to improve flexibility, reduce painful joints and muscles, gain strength, help you relax and improve your overall fitness.

What better way is there to get fit than to sit in your favourite chair and move your arms and legs? You could be on the edge of your bed, at your desk or dining table, or in your conservatory. You can do this in the privacy of your own home, so you needn't feel 'on display' with others. Or, you could feel comfortable doing this with a companion, so you keep each other company and motivated.

What about if I am in a wheelchair?
The Exercise in a Chair program is perfect for you and accessible to everyone. If you've had your chair long, you will already appreciate the way being sedentary affects the body and limbs. The exercises are designed to be an easy way to gain greater flexibility and increase stamina, one of the first things to go when restricted to a chair, making it very easy to regain improved health and fitness.

How long are the session tracks?
The CD has 3 tracks on it, each 23 minutes long. The exercises are the same for each track, but I changed the music of each track to give a little variety. So, if you listen to track 1 for a week or two and want a change, just go to track 2, and then track 3.

23 minutes seems a long time to start with, can I do shorter sessions?
Yes, of course. Your CD player has a pause button as does your mp3 player. If you find 23 minutes too much to start, begin with 5 minutes and build up your time over days and weeks.

But to be fair, each exercise is directed at one limb at a time and then moves around the body to another limb, allowing you to rest in between before going back to the same point. We're trying to improve your mobility and flexibility, not wear you out. So don't worry, take things at your own pace.

I am recovering from surgery, will this help me?
Always best to just run this past your GP or consultant, but most will be only too pleased that you are doing gentle, manual exercises, as these will often aid in your recovery and speed up rehabilitation.

The Exercise in a Chair Routing is written and read by Philip Chave
For more information, go to the Exercise in a Chair website.

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