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DVD's, CD's and MP3's for Health, Wellbeing and Balance - self help solutions that work!

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A series of self help products designed to support your health and wellbeing.
Enjoy the benefits of improved balance through self awareness, attention and intention.
Are you looking for answers to common problems? Find out which is right for you.


Self-help treatments and meditations from The Haven Healing Centre's Home Therapist Series

What's Coming Next? I have outline plans to produce around another 50-60 more DVD's, CD's or treatment programs in the coming years. These are detailed below and I seem to be coming up with ideas faster than I can produce them. You may be affected by one of these issues yourself, or you may know someone close to you who is having a problem with something mentioned here. This list is not in any order of completion, and I will get to all of them in time, but if you want me to focus on one above the others, perhaps you might be in a position to sponsor their production. I would be more than happy to bring one to the top of the list if this would help you with a current problem. You can contact me with any enquiries by using this . Thank you.

100,000 Reasons to Live CD
This is a self healing program designed to use the cellular memory that our bodies have, of a time when we were fit and healthy. You will be brought into a receptive state of relaxation through meditation, and then, through the use of guided imagery, you will use intentional energy transference to affect your own cellular memory and restore yourself to health and balance.
Based on the idea that every cell in your body changes over a 2 week - 2 year period, the idea is to encourage your body to create new cells that are better than the ones they replace, to remember what they were like before they became diseased, and to gradually move toward health and regeneration, rather than gradual degeneration.
My intention with this CD is to give every purchaser free distribution rights to copy the disc up to 10 times and GIVE IT AWAY. This will be how we reach the 100K.

Reduce Your Blood Pressure Naturally (CD or possibly DVD)
I have been working on this for about a year so far and have much data. I am developing a variety of techniques, including the use of a tapping energy therapy to bring my own blood pressure down for extended periods. Indeed, I can bring my BP down by 20 points just with this 30 second procedure, and I'm looking to increase this still further.

Grounding Techniques CD and Kindle
Grounding yourself, and remaining grounded, is vital if you are to be an effective therapist, counsellor, healer or otherwise involved in the healing arts. Yet, so many of the therapists that I see at my practice in Blagdon, have forgotten the importance of this element of their practice, and are suffering the consequences. Burnout, exhaustion, compassion fatigue, postural distortion and emotional pain are all symptoms of not grounding properly during your work. This project is nearing completion and will be available shortly, and will constitute some easy, short and simple strategies to ensure that you remain grounded when working on your clients and patients.

50 Ways to Transform Your Life CD and Kindle
There are so many things we can do to make our lives easier, more comfortable, more fulfilling, healthier, happier, or better coordinated. The idea here is to present 50 of the best ways to make change. I've solicited the help of friends, therapists, family and the wider public to come up with the most useful 50 ways to transform your life. I hope you will find these simple ideas useful in your own life, as I have in mine.

The Healing Garden CD
A meditation in which I slowly guide you down into a relaxed state and then, through guided imagery, into a wonderful healing garden, where you can spend some time healing yourself from any physical or emotional issue that troubles you. You will be surrounded by healing sounds, like the gentle movement of air through the bushes, birdsong, and other sounds from nature.
All finished: Visit The Healing Garden Meditation or here for more information. Available on CD or as MP3.

The Constipation Recovery Massage DVD
This is actually going to be the video version of the constipation treatment training program I teach at The Haven Healing Centre. You can learn more about the treatment program here. The idea of filming this procedure is so that you can learn it at home, and therapists can learn it to treat their clients and show or train them how to do it to themselves.

The Chakra Clearing Meditation CD
Open your chakras and clear your energy imbalances, whilst enlivening your vital energy centers. Balance each of your chakras and heal yourself on all levels of your being physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Anytime you feel low, depressed, stuck or emotionally drained, Chakra clearing brings inner harmony and balance.
All finished: Visit The Chakra Clearing Meditation or here for more information. Available on CD or as MP3.

Fix Your Own Back CD or DVD
An exercise treatment program to help you fix your own back. I just can't decide whether to use a series of exercise pictures, or to film the exercises. Either way, they will clearly show what to do for a variety of back issues and how to fix them.

Improve Your Eyesight DVD and Kindle
I've been using myself as a guinea pig for this eye project. Developing short eye exercises that help the eyes to focus further into the area of distortion. These tips will go a long way to helping you restore your eyesight naturally.

Computer Syndrome DVD
This is another name for painful neck and shoulders really, but computers play a large part in the development of this condition, so I thought the title was appropriate. The DVD will show how you and your partner can help each other with this painful condition.

Tear Duct Massage: Naso-Lacrimal Duct Massage DVD
For years I have struggled with periodic episodes of weepy eyes. Dry them as often as I might, the tears would still run down my cheeks. I discovered it is because the surface of the conjunctiva is over-soft and scrunches up when I blink, thus blocking the naso-lacrimal duct. At other times, the naso-lacrimal duct becomes blocked due to a thickening of the tear fluid. After studying eye anatomy and looking at how the eyes drain through this duct into the back of the throat, I developed a gentle massage routine to clear the duct, whcih seems to work a treat.
I don't imagine for an instant that this affects very many people, but I will be filming this short procedure in due course, and placing it as a downloadable mpeg, wmv or avi file, online.

Insomnia CD: Help and Support for Sleep Problems and Night Time Issues
I realise there are millions of ways and people out there who promise to be able to help you sleep. Unfortunately, a lot of them don't work, do they? I'm working on a product that will only include the very best techniques and proven ways to help you, not only to get to sleep, but to do what so many other don't, address the issues that are keeping you awake. Because that's the secret isn't it? Getting to sleep isn't the problem, the problem is really what is keeping you awake.
All finished: Visit the Sleep Soundly Now! website for more information. Available on CD or as MP3.

Depression CD
Again, this is the subject of many forms of therapy, and I've studied a great deal of them in much detail. Too often they rely on months and months of treatment, or hours on hours of pouring out your soul, or filling out achievement charts, when the one thing they miss is the change of state that can be achieved with the most simple of energy techniques. By finding the cause of the depression, rather than just treating the depression, you will stand a far better chance of coming out of your depression, for longer, and far more quickly.

Treat Your Own Knee Pain DVD
Simply a DVD of the treatments I use in my practice to help recovery from knee dysfunction, plus methods that I have developed myself over years of experience. These will be presented in a way that means you can treat yourself at home, or have someone do it for you.

The Temporo-mandibular Joint (TMJ) Technique DVD
This will come in the form of training for therapists to use in their own practice. TMJ dysfunction can be really awkward, as it causes difficulty with speech, hearing problems, grinding of the teeth, and emotional distress. I have developed a very successful set of protocols for dealing with this problem based around an amalgamation of treatments that work on muscles, ligaments and bones. I am hopeful that many therapists will endeavour to learn this process to expand their own treatment options.

Manifesting What You Want Out of Life CD
I like this idea, because it's so easy. If you've ever wanted something so badly that you thought was impossible, only to have it show up because you poured so much energy into it, then you can do it already. Hopefully, this guided way of doing it will give you some order and structure toward your manifesting and help you channel your thought energy.

Erectile Dysfunction Massage DVD
It's really sad to find that once you reach a certain age, things don't work so well as they used too. If this is you, whether male or female, then you can very quickly find yourself in a no-sex, or low-sex relationship which results in reduced intimacy, causing, or characterised by, erectile dysfunction in men and loss of libido in women. Many factors can lead to low libido, including stress, depression, and substance abuse, but a sluggish blood supply to the genitalia is going to have a profound effect on your ability to perform. Indeed, viagra works by opening up the blood vessels and allowing the chambers to flood. So it stands to reason, if you can do this with massage, in the right places, and in the right way, maybe you can put away your chemicals and reduce your ED and low libido naturally.

50 Ways to Increase Your Energy CD and Kindle
It's amazing how often we end up with an energy deficit and feel sluggish, tired and out of sorts. There are so many ways for us to lose our energy that you can forgive yourself if you feel losing it is so much easier than gaining it back. Stress, anxiety, depression, family worries, work problems and financial issues are all energy stealers. But at the same time, there are just as many ways (a lot more than 50) of regaining your energy and building up some reserves for dealing with the hard times. This'll show you how!

How to be Happy CD and Kindle
Why are so many people bloody miserable? They spend all their time bitching and whining, and trying to bring everybody else down to their level, they have very little time to enjoy the nicer things that are around them. There is always something wrong and they survive on negative energy. Under those circumstances, happiness seems like hard work. But the opposite is actually true. Being negative consumes energy, whereas happiness and laughter, create energy. Do you find that to be true? Happiness is just a change of perspective, an energy shift. Finding yours is really quite easy.

How to Stop Worry CD and Kindle
Bit like the happy one really. The strategy might be a little different, but the goals are the same.

Building and Improving Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem CD
Failed exams, a blown job interview, preoccupied with negative thoughts about yourself? You probably have low self esteem. Learn new, clever and exciting ways to boost your self confidence and self esteem, to make the changes you want in your life, and to attract success from every direction.

Fear of Flying CD
The number of times I have to treat this in practice makes it pretty much imperative that I get a CD out there, as the incidence of flying fear is more than ever now that cheap air travel make this an option for more and more people.

Bullying CD
Bullying is a despicable form or power control, whether it's in adults or children. Hopefully, this CD will help sufferers find ways of coping even if they can't find ways to fight back.

Reflexology for Common Ailments DVD
I've had this idea for a long time and it's about time I got on with it, because I think it'll be a valuable tool in your arsenal when confronting and healing from common health problems. The plan is to show you how to treat your own feet and hands by stimulating the reflex points related to the condition you're trying to heal from. I had this idea after giving a talk at a blind peoples residence where I was asked to talk about reflexology. You can't stand at the front of a lecture room and demonstrate reflexology because all the residents are blind, but I was, with the help of sighted advocates able to get others to treat their hands, and they kept asking which areas to press for certain conditions. So if this project ever gets finished, then we all have the blind residents of an Action for Blind People Hotel at Weston Super Mare, Somerset, to thank.

Pain Management and Chronic Pain CD
None of us are immune to pain. It is one of natures ways of telling us something is wrong. The thing is, usually when the problem is solved and our health returns to normal, the pain subsides and goes away. At other times, this may not happen straight away, or even at all, and if a condition is ongoing, then pain may become chronic. Pain can become a cycle that remains unbreakable in the body. The idea here is to present a series of ways to switch off the pain response, without medication, that you can try for yourself, picking the one or two, for long term use, that works best for you.

Exercise in a Chair CD
For so many people who find it difficult to walk around, this Exercise in a Chair CD will be designed for them to maintain a full range of motion in their upper body and legs, using the benefit of a chair to defy gravity. For the most part, it is clear, we are so conditioned to believe that exercise means going for long walks, or being able to move about, that when this is not possible, we don't get any exercise at all. It is that, that's bad, not sitting down to exercise. Get it anyway you can, I say.
All finished: Visit Exercise in a Chair or here for more information. Or visit the Exercise in a Chair website for more details. Available on CD or as MP3.

The 10 Minute Office Workout - online video
This is designed for office workers who spend large amounts of time at their computers. And I am fully aware of the purists among you who will say, exercise at your computer is defeating the object; their point being, to get away from the computer and go outside for some fresh air. But this is a 10 minute download that plays on your computer where you follow the exercises, sat or stood by your machine, and get the blood pumping through your body, mobilize your joints and stretch your muscles, for 10 minutes, THEN go outside. Let's face it, most office workers that sneak outside are going for a fag, not to exercise. So anything that helps them, when they feel trapped in an office environment, will be beneficial.

Anger Management CD
I'm afraid I'm seeing more and more people with anger issues and impulse control problems. This can have a devestating impact on your relationships, and unfortunately, this is when I get to see these people, when they are backed into a corner and under threat of divorce, or worse. I'm hoping that by producing this CD, I will be able to give people the opportunity to deal with their anger before it becomes a threat to their survival. Most of the time, uncontrolled anger is because the body has become hard wired to believe this is how you get attention, or action. People do what you want, but the resentment factor is very high. When you create other choices, you give yourself so many other ways to get what you want, but with the cooperation of others and the respect of those close to you.

Road Rage CD
A bit like the anger CD really, but road rage is slightly different. Road rage is a product of the preceived bad driving of other motorists that causes you to respond angrily or in a reckless way. This actually makes you the bad driver by the way, but this CD is not about condemning you, it's about helping you to cope with those feelings of anger that you feel, when say, for example, someone is tailgating you. Your anger may even be justified when you look at it from the point of view that the person behind is actually placing you and your passengers in danger. If you can justify your anger and road rage, then you are unlikely to do anything about it except fume. I'm hopefully going to be able to give you some safe and realistic procedures and choices, to help you control this problem.

The Improved Breathing Project CD and possibly Kindle
One of the things I've learned since training as a healer and therapist, is the importance of breathing properly. It probably seems funny talking about the correct way to breathe, as we all do it for our whole lives, or until we run out of life. But when you discover how breathing has a direct bearing on your health, you start to wonder if the thing that is wrong with you now, has something to do with the way you've been breathing, perhaps for years. Conversely, when you start breathing properly, then some health issues start to improve, and you end up kicking yourself in the shins because you never thought of it before. Anyone who does yoga regularly knows this to be true. But, yoga's not for everyone, so my purpose with this project is to show you what I've learned and maybe make that little bit of difference for you that brings improvement.

The Body Scan Meditation Project CD
This project is kind of like the Advanced Therapists Body Scan Meditation, but not so detailed in the specifics of the anatomy. This meditation is about relaxing to a meditative state and then scanning your body a bit at a time, bringing attention and intention to each part, with the desired outcome of healing any dysfunctional part along the way. It's a lovely idea, because ideally you will be able to stay in one place for as long as necessary to facilitate change, before moving on. And, just as with any scanning procedure you might have at hospital, by scanning your own body, you may find you can pick up on things that not only need your attention, but also may need medical attention.

Self Massage DVD
Anyone that can massage their own back will become a miracle therapist, with long alien arms, like the ones on Close Encounters. For the rest of us, our backs will have to remain the bit we leave for others to do. But that's not true of the rest of the body. I have long been convinced of the benefits of massage. For most of us, our concept of massage is that it is something we go to someone else to have done. But it shouldn't be really, should it? There is absolutely no reason why you can't massage your own face, neck, arms, hands, tummy and legs. We probably do at various times, but not as a conscious decision, or as a plan of health restoration. The benefits of self massage are improved circulation, improved lymphatic drainage and the removal of toxicity from the body, accelerated healing, more oxygen to the vital areas, a sense of doing something to help yourself and learning about your body so you listen to the signs. I hope you will give this a try when the DVD is completed.

Frozen Shoulder Syndrome DVD
I am seeing this condition at various stages on a wide range of patients, from mild and just getting started, to severe pain right from moving the elbow out two inches from the side, and everything in between. There is a definite need for some kind of visual treatment program that can give a patient hope that their frozen shoulder will not last forever. Which actually it won't; most of the time frozen shoulder will spontaneously recover after two years. But, who's got two whole years to wait? This DVD will be full to the brim of exercises and techniques that I use in my practice to help people recover from their frozen shoulder in as short a time as possible. Sometimes, of course, we do this alongside the doctor's regime or the consultants regime of care, and that works fine too.

Your Therapy Business Start Up Guide CD and Kindle
Are you starting up your own therapy business? It's one thing to go to college and learn a new skill, it's a completely different story to bring it to the market place. I have been self-employed for 30 years, and 12 of those years as a physical therapist under The Haven Healing Centre banner. I'm working on a simple business start up package that is focused on complementary therapy. This will be for healers, therapists and counsellors, who have the stamina to make a go of it. Many people are drawn to this area of endeavour, but very few make a living at it. Partly, I suspect, because a spiritual awakening is not necessarily paralleled by a business awakening, or a self-employment awakening. Neither does a diploma in hairdressing, beauty therapy or nail therapy, make you an expert in business start ups, commerce or e-commerce, accounting, and especially marketing. So perhaps this step-by-step guide to starting up and marketing your business in your local community will ensure that you can keep going and not end up as a flash in the pan, like so many do.

Needle Phobia: Self Help Strateges and Treatments That Work
I'm working on this one right now! Hopefully it won't be too long..... Needle phobia affects 7 to 10.5 million people in the UK alone. This is an enormous number, and an element of the population who struggle to get even basic health care. They fail to be able to visit the dentist, doctors surgery, hospital, or even to go abroad with anything like the number of vaccinations required not to get ill while away. The UK has a medical profession that just seems to want to tell you to 'Get over it', which in any other area of illness would amount to malpractice, but needle phobics seem exempt from compassion. Nearly all NHS investigations and treatments require blood tests and injections to get their results. So I'm hoping that the NHS will take this up and roll it out across the profession when it's finished to ease the suffering of the millions who need help with this problem.

In Conversation With (CD series): The Anxiety and Stress Management Project
This is a big subject and I'm in the process of collecting material together and putting ideas on paper for this project.

In Conversation With (CD series): No Sex, Low Sex in Marrige and Relationships
Low sex and no sex marriage is something most suffering relationships fall into without any reason or justification. Of course, some end up that way through distrust and with good reason. This is all quite common and the aim of this CD set is to get people being kind and affectionate first, so that motivated couples can reestablish their intimate connection.

In Conversation With (CD series): Jealousy in Relationships
A question and answer session on improving relationships by removing jealousy. Jealousy is a massive destroyer of any relationship, whether there is good reason for it, or not. Most of the time there are other reasons that pre-date the relationship, and are brought into the relationsip inappropriately. This talk is designed to help you support each other while you work through the issues that are coming between you.

I think you'll agree this is an extensive list. Again, if you feel there is something here you want to bring to the top of the list, please email me and we can talk about a sponsorship proposal. Alternatively, you may have an idea of your own that you want developed. Please let me know if you have something you want me to do first. I can get started right away, as I am quite used to shuffling my workload to free up time. Thanks for your interest, best regards, Phil.

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