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The Childrens Sleep Meditation

Children Relax and Sleep Easy - Helping Children to Sleep

Ready to order? This CD/MP3 has been written to help your child get to sleep easily and soundly. Order with confidence! Order your CD or MP3 using the options below
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This is a 30min back to sleep relaxation recording for children who are having difficulty falling asleep.

Pain, nightmares, worries, anxiety, hunger, headache, earache and lots of other things can wake a child fully, and this can mean they may take a long time to go back to sleep, if at all.

One thing is certain, YOU will probably need to get back to sleep if you expect to go to work in the morning. But I don't know many parents that can sleep if their kids are wide awake in the middle of the night.

Just place this in their CD player, TV DVD player, MP3 player or phone and let it rock them back to sleep. The CD contains beautiful relaxing music and a voice encouraging your young person to close their eyes and drop off again.

I wrote this to help my own son when he was having troubled nights and struggled to get back to sleep. My wife and I tried it on him many-a-time and usually, within minutes, he was 'out like a light!'

We haven't ever established if this was because I have the most boring voice on the planet and sleep is preferrable to listening to this any longer, or if the music and gentle voice was what helped him to go back to sleep. Either way, it worked! smile

Sometimes, this disruption can come from a common childhood problem called GROWING PAINS. Growing pains in children are distressing for the child and the parents alike.

I have a specialist website that distributes a DVD of a massage and movement routine you can do with your child to help overcome the issues of Growing Pains at the time of suffering, rather than the next day or never. You can find more information by going to the growing pains website.

You can help your son or daughter with a few simple steps that this DVD will show you, and when you're done, the CD, which comes as a free gift with the DVD, will help them get back to sleep in the shortest time.

In neither case is there a need for pain killers, sleeping pills, analgesic gels or sprays.

In the case of growing pains, just a few simple moves will bring the pain threshold down to a level that will allow your child to sleep and for you to rest easy, knowing that you have done everything you can to help them recover from this traumatic experience. And if it is an insomnia problem, the CD will help rock them gently back to sleep in the shortest time.

Whatever is causing your little one to have sleepless nights, try this approach and see what results you can get with this CD or MP3 download. The Childrens Sleep Meditation CD contains gentle music and a soothing voice to rock your child back to sleep the easy way. Allowing your child to spend the night relaxed, calm and pain free. The perfect companion to the growing pains DVD.

For more information, see our children's sleep meditation CD on the growing pains website.

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