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Self-help treatments and meditations from The Haven Healing Centre's Home Therapist Series

About Phil: I began my journey into self healing following a severe accident in 2001, in which I sustained a comminuted fracture of the fibula, a lateral malleolus fracture and medial malleolus fracture, known as a “Bimalleolar” fracture, and in addition, the talus, navicular and cuboid bones of the foot were wrenched apart causing severe ligament damage. All this took many operations to correct with pins and plates (some of which are still in place) going in and out, followed by several ankle arthroscopies to clear out damaged tissue and calcification around/between the seperated foot bones. Phil Chave, Spiritual Healer and Complementary Therapist

I was told, several times, in no uncertain terms, that I would be lucky to ever walk again, or that I would probably be in a wheelchair, and secondly, there was still a possibility, that I may need to lose the foot altogether.

When the accident occurred, I was at home in the garden and slipped sideways down a step, buckling my left foot under me, but forcing it laterally. Upon trying to stand up, I discovered that my left foot was facing outwards and backwards at about 120 degrees from forward, and indeed my left knee was still facing forward. Oops! Surprisingly, I was in very little pain, probably as the adrenalin kicked in, even though I knew this was serious, and I managed to attract my wife's attention, who then called an ambulance. Thank God for Entonox because the adrenalin wore off during the ambulance journey!

The DVD's and CD's on this website, AND the certificates below, were my response to the injury. Do I sit in a chair, or lean on crutches, and vegetate? Or do I (with the fantastic help of Weston General, Southmead and Frenchay hospitals and the wonderful, wonderful consultants and nurses there) get on with it and do whatever is in my power to make this better?

I am not telling you this to impress you, but to impress upon you, that everything that has happened since then has culminated in the establishment of The Haven Healing Centre, which is a busy therapy practice, and the production of all of these DVD's and CD's, so that anyone faced with illness, disease, emotional pain, or similar adversity can perhaps find in themselves the strength of character and mind to not accept the inevitable, and to do something about their situation. Hopefully you will be able to ascertain my committment to that goal, below.

Phil is a Fully Qualified Spinal Touch Practitioner from the Bio-Mechanics Foundation Philip Chave has completed the prescribed training and has been examined through practical and written examination for qualification as a Bio Mechanics Foundation Spinal Touch Practitioner, and is also awarded the Light Touch Therapy Certificate in Spinal Touch Therapy

Phil is a Fully Qualified Manual Lymph Drainage Practitioner This Practitioners Diploma in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage has been awarded to Philip Chave

Phil is a Fully Qualified Sports Massage Therapist (VTCT Diploma) This is to certify that Philip Chave has satisfied the requirements for the award of Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy for Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT)

Phil is a Qualified Aromatherapy Massage Therapist (VTCT Level 3 Certificate) This is to certify that Philip Chave has satisfied the requirements for the award of Level 3 certificate in Aromatherapy Massage for VTCT

Phil is Football Association Qualified in the Treatment and Management of Injury in Football to Level 3 Standard Philip Chave has been awarded the Football Association (FA) Qualification in the Treatment and Management of Injury in Football to level 1, level 2 and level 3 standards

Phil is a Qualified Bio-Stress Release Therapist (Light Touch Therapy Certificate) Light Touch Therapy Training Certificate in Bio-Stress Release awarded to those who have demonstrated a sound knowledge in the mechanics of the technique

Phil has a Level 3 Certificate in Reflexology Techniques (IIHHT for VTCT) This is to certify that Philip Chave has attended an approved course of training at Weston College, England, and has satisfied the Examiners of the Council and has been awarded Level 3 Certificate in Reflexology Techniques

Phil has a Diploma in Counselling (with MERIT) and is entitled to use the letters Dip.Couns Diploma in Counselling (with MERIT) awarded to Philip Chave who is entitled to use the letters Dip.Couns

Phil is a Certified EFT Practitioner from the original Emo-Free Website This is to certify that Philip Chave has achieved the EFT Academic Certification at Foundational Level, and demonstrated a solid knowledge of the Foundational principles of EFT

Phil has a Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage (IIHHT for VTCT) This is to certify that Philip Chave has attended an approved course of training at Weston College, England, and has satisfied the Examiners of the Institute and has been awarded Level 3 Diploma in Indian Head Massage

Phil is an NFSH Probationer and completed the NFSH Healing Development Courses Parts 1-4 NFSH Probationer and completion of the NFSH Healing Development Courses Parts 1-4

Phil has successfully completed the Penny Brohn Certificate in Working With People With Cancer 6 Penny Brohn Certificates in Working With People With Cancer. 1. An introduction to the Bristol Approach to cancer care. 2. Self-help approaches within the Bristol Approach. 3. What is cancer? 4. Effective listening and responding skills in cancer care. 5. Introducing complementary therapies into a healthcare organisation. 6. An introduction to palliative care at St Peter's Hospice

Phil has been blessed with Reiki Mastership Philip Chave has successfully completed training and initiation into the First and Second Usui System of Natural Healing, and demonstrated comprehension of its principles and proficiency to provide the Usui System as a Reiki Master

In addition to the above, I have since been awarded Certificates of Training for 'Hot Rocks Stone Therapy' massage, certificates of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training, a Diploma in Stress Management, another Diploma in Reflexology training, and the Emergency Aid Course for the Football Association. All of the above training programs that involved physical therapies also included exams in Anatomy and Physiology during which a sound knowledge of physical anatomy was required to pass

Phil is a Spiritual Healer, Reiki Healer/Master, Complementary and International Emotional Therapist and Counsellor working in the field of anxiety disorders, emotional healing and relationship difficulties.

He is qualified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage, and is also a practicing Crystal Healer and Sports Performance Coach, specializing in golf and chess. His Diploma in Stress Management has never been more important than in todays world of credit crunch, job insecurity, rising prices, declining health, family problems and the demands of modern life.

Phil is a Fully Certified Local EFT Practitioner A large part of his work is with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), and in 2004 he was awarded the Advanced Certificate of Completion for Practitioners and Certified EFT Practitioner (Cert1). Working with EFT, NLP, counselling and other techniques, Phil is able to promote powerful and profound change, and invites you to work through your physical or emotional issues in a simple and painless way.

He is a fully qualified Sports Massage Therapist which is a valuable addition to his body massage and coaching practice, and held the position of Sports Massage and Injury Rehabilitation Therapist for Chew Valley Rugby Club. He also has a large client base of marathon runners, who rely on him to keep them fit and able to pursue their sport.

Phil is a fully qualified Spinal Touch Therapist and is a Graduate Technician of the Bio Mechanics Foundation. This is complemented further by Ortho-Bionomy (Body Stress Release) and (Bio Stress Release) training and Neuromuscular Therapy. Spinal Touch combined with these muscle disciplines is extremely helpful for back and spine conditions.

He is a student member of the NFSH (National Federation of Spiritual Healers). He holds a Diploma in Stress Management, a Diploma in Counselling (Dip.Couns) and also belongs to the NSHN (National Self-Harm Network), an organization that campaigns for the rights and understanding of people who self-harm.

As well as running a very successful practice in the Cheddar area, Phil is creating a series of DVD's and CD's (The Home Therapist Series) that show, in easy to understand ways, how to perform simple self help techniques at home, covering a range of conditions and therapies. These can be viewed on the relevant product page.

A natural communicator, Phil has developed a very successful set of protocols to help his clients with a variety of anxiety disorders, including, depression, anger management, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), pornography addiction, bulimia nervosa, and clients who self harm or are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

In addition, Phil has worked for years developing specific treatment protocols for conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) using manual lymphatic drainage, constipation, using massage techniques, and symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD) or pelvic girdle pain (PGP), using a combination of the techniques for which he is qualified. You can read more about these conditions by visiting this page

Thanks for looking, I appreciate your interest and look forward to being of service to you.

King Alfred School, Highbridge, Somerset. Classes of '72,'73,'74.
As a sidenote: I turned 63 on the 15th September 2021. And I began to wonder about all the other people that I knew as a young teenager who went to King Alfred School, Highbridge. Are you still in the area? Did you all move away to connect with new people and places? We had a lovely reunion at The Clarence on Burnham sea front many years ago. When all this Covid stuff is over, would anyone like to do it again? Maybe a scaled down version, while we are all still fit enough? Please write to me from the King Alfred School page.

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