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The Haven Healing Centre - Home Therapist Series

DVD's, CD's and MP3's for Health, Well Being and Balance - self help solutions that work!

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A series of self help products designed to support your health and wellbeing.
Enjoy the benefits of improved balance through self awareness, attention and intention.
Are you looking for answers to common problems? Find out which is right for you.

Self-help treatments and meditations from The Haven Healing Centre's Home Therapist Series

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The Miracle of Self Healing

Heal yourself in minutes with your intention and attention. Activate your ability to self heal.
A Body Scan Meditation

The Therapists Advanced Body Scan Meditation, giving tired muscles a mindful healing.
The Cord Cutting Technique

Self help for ultimate relationship healing and release. Cut your negative cords for good!
Meeting Your Inner Guide

Discover your inner wisdom. Tap into your intuition, common sense and logic to make better choices.

Self Healing Meditation

Deep healing that will show you how to achieve health, energy, and peace through your own self healing ability.

Relaxation at the Beach

Total stress reduction in a flash. Don't let STRESS be the thing that gets you, when the solution is so simple!

Bedwetting - Enuresis

Simple self-help technique for children who wet the bed. Help your child to get over bedwetting and to wake up dry.

A Moment for Carers

A powerful healing technique to support carers and their families. Enjoy renewed energy, well-being and abundance.

Children Sleep Easy

A great way to help children fall asleep peacefully.

Healing With Laughter

Enjoy the healing power of laughter and lead a healthier life.

Sports Performance

Motivating you to achieve greater levels of sporting excellence.

Stop Smoking NOW!

Quit smoking easily with this simple Quit Smoking Now mp3.

Stuttering & Stammering

A treatment for stammering and stuttering, so easy, you can learn it while you sleep.

Calm Your Surgery Fears

Help for hospital patients facing surgery. Diminish fear and boost natural post-surgery healing

More Soon.

More Soon.

Sinus Tapping DVD

Heal and decongest your own sinus pain and facial swelling.

Plantar Fasciitis DVD

Stop your foot pain now! Using simple, powerful techniques.

Growing Pains DVD

A fast, reliable remedy for growing pains in children.

More Soon.

In Conversation Series - Internet Addiction

Step back from the scourge of internet addiction, before it's too late! Get back your self esteem.

More Soon.

More Soon.

More Soon.


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